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Preliminary Week 9 BlogPoll Ballot

Last week I forgot to update the ballot with your suggestions. First time that's happened. Sorry.

This week we saw two top five teams go down, which shakes things up a bit. Full ballot is after the jump, final version is due Tuesday morning.


  • Stanford should have been back below Boise State on last week's final ballot if I hadn't forgotten to update it. This week, the Cardinal destroyed a Top 25 team and Boise State struggled with Air Force. Look, the Cardinal have annihilated everyone they've played. Their offense somehow looks better and more balanced than it was last year. We'll get a much better look at how good they are against USC, but I think right now they deserve the No. 3 spot.
  • Did Oklahoma drop too much going down to No. 13? I don't know. The Sooners were down 24 points to a four-touchdown underdog at home before they finally decided to show up. Really bad loss for OU.
  • Like Stanford, we'll learn a lot about K-State when it faces the Sooners this week.
  • Clemson jumped Oklahoma State. Really, the Tigers, Cowboys, Broncos and Cardinal should all be No. 3a-d, but this week the Tigers look a little better to me than OSU.