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Preliminary Week 6 BlogPoll Ballot

This is getting posted late due to travel and work. It's due Tuesday morning, so get your comments in as soon as you can if you have any.

Full ballot after the jump.


  • Not only have we not beaten anybody, but now we haven't beaten anybody and have a 20-point loss at home. Why should I rank us at all?
  • South Carolina also gets dinged big-time for losing to a then-unranked team at home.
  • Big road wins by Auburn and Michigan State see them jump into the poll. Unbeaten Kansas State and Houston also get a mention.
  • Wisconsin dominated a Top 10 team and moves up. Clemson dominated a Top 15 team and moves up.
  • Georgia Tech moves up because I've finally come around on them and I didn't want to put Arkansas or Michigan in the Top 10.
  • I realize I have Florida State at No. 17 but Texas A&M unranked. Do you guys think this is fair? Should FSU drop out or Texas A&M get back in? Both have a pair of losses to solid teams, but A&M's were spectacular choke jobs.