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Hokies in the NFL Week 4

Josh Morgan showing Michael Crabtree how to ollie on a skateboard.
Josh Morgan showing Michael Crabtree how to ollie on a skateboard.

First off, apologies for the delay in this week's post.

Week 4 had some very compelling games as the Eagles fell again, the Bills lost for the first time this season, the Vikings and Chiefs clashed in a battle of the worsts, Houston scores an upset, and the Lions are still undefeated.

Six former Hokies were inactive due to injury and one joined the list of players out for the season. Follow the jump to see how former Hokies that did play in Week 4 of the NFL season fared.

Xavier Adibi-LB, Minnesota Vikings: Inactive

James Anderson-LB, Carolina Panthers: Anderson had 3 solo tackles and an assist in the Panthers loss to the Bears Da Bears. Not much to write home about.

Roc Carmichael-CB, Houston Texans: Injured.

Kam Chancellor-S, Seattle Seahawks: After his first career interception a week ago, Kam had to sit out with a thigh bruise.

Darren Evans-RB, Indianapolis Colts: Inactive.

Brandon Flowers-CB, Kansas City Chiefs: Flowers had 3 total tackles and one assist as the Chiefs got their first win of the season over the Minnesota Andrew Lucks Vikings. Flowers had forced a fumble and recovered it after a hit on Adrian Peterson, but a challenge reversed the call on the field.

Cody Grimm-S, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Grimm injured his right knee last week and was put on IR, will miss the rest of the season. The list gets thinner.

DeAngelo Hall-CB, Washington Redskins: DeAngelo had 6 total tackles and one pass defended as the Washington Redskins improved to 3-1.

Jeff King-TE, Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals lost to the Giants on a pass from Eli Manning to Hakeem Nicks with 2:39 left on the clock. Ol' Jeff had one catch for 3 yards.

Josh Morgan-WR, San Francisco 49ers: Josh Morgan had 3 catches for 65 yards and one touchdown. The touchdown was a 30-yard reception. Morgan's touchdown (seen below under Vick's section at about 2:05) was a simple slant route that Morgan took and then ran up the middle away from three defenders.

Carlton Powell-DT, Atlanta Falcons: Did not accumulate any stats.

Eddie Royal-WR, Denver Broncos: Royal was inactive again with a lower body injury.

Darryl Tapp-DE, Philadelphia Eagles: Tapp was inactive again with a chest injury.

Tyrod Taylor-QB, Baltimore Ravens: Did not accumulate any stats.

Mike Vick-QB, Philadelphia Eagles: After a rough week against the Giants, Vick bounced back (sort of) against the 49ers. Vick was 30 of 46 for 416 yds 2 TDs 1 INT. That's right, Michael Vick passed for FOUR HUNDRED YARDS. That probably won't happen that often. Vick ran 8 times for 75 yards, including a 24 yard run. Vick had an exceptional scramble and pass to Clay Harbor in the first quarter and then a 5-yard shovel pass to LeSean McCoy at the end of the first half. However, the Eagles end up losing the game to the 49ers and after the game Vick called the "dream team dead", or some variation of those words.

Ryan Williams-RB, Arizona Cardinals: Injured.

Jason Worilds-LB, Pittsburgh Steelers: Worilds had a solo tackle in the game.

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416 yds passing + 75 yds rushing = 491 yds of total offense. Gonna go with Vick. Easy this week (in my mind) with Josh Morgan being the only real competition. Although, Morgan's team won the game...