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Preliminary Week 7 BlogPoll Ballot

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Not a whole lot of movement this week, but there was a move in the Top 3. Final ballot is due early Tuesday, so make sure you get in your questions, comments and complaints by Monday night.

Full ballot after the jump.


  • Most Top 25 teams took care of business, especially Oklahoma, which decimated Texas in the Red River Rivalry (nee Shootout). The Sooners were so dominant, it almost discredits their win because of how bad it makes Texas look. But should OU really be penalized because of that? I don't think so, so the Sooners have moved ahead of Alabama.
  • That movement is temporary as I've been much more willing to jump teams in the Top 5 week-to-week based on results. If OU or LSU look average against an average team and Alabama does to some other decent team what OU did to Texas, Alabama will move back up. 
  • A spent a while looking for another team to put at No. 25, then got fed up and just rewarded Southern Miss for playing well right now. The Golden Eagles have won four in a row and just got done clobbering Navy on the road. Don't like it? Then suggest someone else in the comments.
  • My question to you all for the week is what do we do with the "other" unbeatens: Georgia Tech, Illinois, Michigan, Kansas State and Houston? None of them have lost but none of them have played anyone who's really, really good. Are they fine where they are right now or is one of them over- or under-valued.