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College Football Rankings: Virginia Tech Climbs as High as No. 3 in Week 14 Polls

The Virginia Tech Hokies are the third-best team in the country according to the USA Today Coaches Poll, which makes up one-third of the BCS rankings. Elsewhere, the Hokies are No. 5 in the Associate Press Poll and No. 4 in the Harris Interactive Poll (PDF), which also makes up one-third of the BCS.

After its 38-0 victory Saturday at UVa, Virginia Tech moved up one spot in the coaches poll, staying a mere two points ahead of No. 4 Stanford. The Hokies moved up one spot in the AP poll, staying behind Oklahoma State and Stanford, but moving ahead of Arkansas. They also moved up one spot in the Harris poll, staying behind Stanford and ahead of OSU.

The Hokies appeared anywhere from No. 3 to No. 19 on AP ballots.

In terms of BCS Standings points, the Hokies currently stand at .8753 points in the coaches poll and .8480 in the Harris. If you average in just the two polls, the Hokies are fourth, behind Stanford and ahead of Oklahoma State. The Hokies were in the same position last week before adding in the computers, which helped leap-frog the Hokies ahead of the Cardinal and the Cowboys ahead of both of them.

The Cowboys are strong in the computer rankings, coming in at No. 2 in the composite rankings last week. The Hokies were No. 7 and the Cardinal were No. 9 in the computers last week. Look for Oklahoma State to again leap ahead of Virginia Tech and Stanford to No. 3 this week. It will be very close between Tech and Stanford for the No. 4 spot. SB Nation's Samuel Chi projects the Hokies to be No. 4.

The composite computer rankings and BCS Rankings will be announced at 8:15 p.m. EST on ESPN.

Elsewhere in the ACC, Clemson is No. 21 in the AP, No. 21 in the coaches and No. 20 in the Harris. Florida State is No. 25 in the AP, No. 24 in the coaches and No. 24 in the Harris.

UPDATE: The Hokies are No. 5 in the new BCS standings.