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BCS Rankings: Virginia Tech Stays No. 5 in Week 14 Standings

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The Virginia Tech Hokies stayed put at No. 5 in the BCS rankings released Sunday, Nov. 27.

The Hokies are behind LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma State and Stanford in the latest rankings after getting jumped by the Cardinal, who were No. 6 last week. Tech staying at No. 5 can be blamed on the composite computer rankings, which dropped the Hokies from No. 7 to No. 10 this week. The Cardinal jumped from No. 9 in the computers rankings to No. 4.

With LSU and Alabama all but locked into the BCS National Championship Game and the Hokies unlikely to receive an at-large BCS bid, Tech controls its destiny in terms of where it goes bowling. Beat Clemson this week and the Hokies will go to the Orange Bowl. Lose, and they will probably head to Atlanta for the Peach Bowl.

Nothing matters for the Hokies other than playing Clemson this weekend for the chance to win a second consecutive ACC title.