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Preliminary Week 11 BlogPoll Ballot

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As a fan of defensive football, the Alabama-LSU game was amazing to me. It's really tempting to keep Alabama No. 2 after that game, but in the end I wound up dropping them.

Full ballot is after the jump. Final one is due Tuesday morning, so you have until Monday night to get your suggestions in.


  • Alabama drops down to No. 4, but I'm really tempted to leave them No. 2. Those were without a doubt the two best teams in the country we saw Saturday night in Tuscaloosa.
  • The middle sees a lot of teams moving up in unison because I didn't see a whole lot that made teams separate themselves, plus there were a lot of teams that were off this week.
  • Once again, it was really tough to finish up the ballot after No. 20. There are about 15 teams that each have a legit argument for being ranked between No. 21-25. I'm definitely willing to listen to arguments for teams I currently have unranked to move them into the ballot.