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Virginia Tech K Cody Journell Arrested, Suspended

Virginia Tech kicker Cody Journell has been suspended indefinitely after his alleged involvement in a breaking and entering incident last night in Blacksburg. Journell is accused of entering the residence of, among others, Virginia Tech basketball player Dorenzo Hudson.

The Roanoke Times has the details:

According to court testimony from Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Mary Pettit, the three showed up at Hudson and Allen's residence last night because they said Allen stole marijuana from Dunton.

Dunton knocked on the door holding a pizza box while Journell and Brady hid in the bushes, Pettit said. When Hudson answered, Dunton drew a gun while the other two rushed inside the house, she said.

After not finding Allen, they ran outside and left in a car driven by an unnamed person, who was not charged, she said.

Prosecution and defense acknowledged that Hudson and Allen later went looking for the three and a physical altercation took place, but no charges are filed in that incident.

That's a lot to digest. The Times' story has plenty of other details, including quotes from today's court proceedings. The gun involved was an Airsoft handgun, so not a deadly weapon, but Journell and the other two men were denied bond and are currently in the Montgomery County Jail.

Still a lot of details that need to be brought to light, such as why Journell looks untouched but the other two look beat to hell, but this is already an ugly story for both the football and men's basketball teams.