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2012 Sugar Bowl: Virginia Tech to Face Michigan in New Orleans

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans
And miss it each night and day
I know I'm not wrong this feeling's gettin' stronger
The longer, I stay away

The Hokies are heading back to Bourbon Street.

For the fourth time overall the first time since 2005, Virginia Tech will play in the Sugar Bowl. The Hokies were selected as a BCS at-large team and will be paired against 10-2 Michigan, also an at-large.

How did the Hokies get to New Orleans? First, Houston lost and TCU failed to crack the Top 16, leaving the BCS without an automatic qualifier from a non-AQ conference. Next, they finished in the Top 14 in the final BCS standings, putting them into an at-large pool with Boise State, Kansas State, Baylor, Michigan and Oklahoma.

No. 11 Virginia Tech and No. 13 Michigan were selected by the Sugar Bowl. In a football sense, it's tough to argue for the Hokies against some of the other teams in the at-large pool, especially after the 28-point loss to Clemson Saturday night. Fortunately for Tech, bowl games are rarely about football.

The only bowl game that matters, truly matters, is the national championship game. Every other game is about selling tickets, filling hotel rooms and drawing TV ratings. These are glorified exhibitions. Virginia Tech has a history with the Sugar Bowl that proves they will do exactly that.

I couldn't be happier about going back to New Orleans. I can't wait to book my room, get into town, hit Bourbon Street until it's time to sober up at Cafe du Monde, cure my hangover with breakfast at Brennan's and see the Hokies play in the dome again. I've missed New Orleans and missed the Sugar Bowl. I'm glad we're heading back.