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Former Virginia Tech Coach Kevin Rogers Named Offensive Coordinator at Boston College

What was once rumor is now official. Boston College has made a pretty savvy choice for its new offensive coordinator in former Virginia Tech quarterbacks coach Kevin Rogers. He's definitely an improvement over what the Eagles had before and I think this adds more to the budding Hokies-Eagles rivalry.

Will he make enough of a difference that the Eagles are now a threat to win the Atlantic or win in Blacksburg? Probably not, but he gives them a much better chance than they had last year.

BC Interruption likes the hire:

I am cool with the hire. Like I said, it's always a good sign if Virginia Tech fans think this is a good hire. I will be interested to see how this hire affects Ryan Day and Dave Brock. Both internal candidates were passed over for the position, especially Day, who seemed to be a lock for the position a few week ago. I'm also interested in finding out who made the final decision on this hire, though I'm pretty sure we already know the answer to that question, and also pretty sure we'll never get the whole story behind this hire.

Eagle in Atlanta is taking the wait-and-see approach:

Rogers is a big improvement over Tranquill. He was not my choice but I think he can still be serviceable. My biggest concern is his ability to adapt his offense to the personnel we have in place. I also wonder how he will work with the staffers we have in place. Staff chemistry is an underrated aspect of college football. I think we have some good guys on the offensive side. I hope they will work well with their new boss. I will have more from Notre Dame folks later this week. As I've said, I have real concerns about the process that landed us Rogers, but that is not his issue. That is a BC issue.

Soaring to Glory wants BC fans to give him a chance:

I have no problem with bringing in a guy from the outside. There is concern amongst some BC fans that Day or Brock would have been better hires, and maybe they would have been, but we'll never know. BC may have wanted to get some new blood in the offensive coaching staff, or maybe they felt Rogers interviewed better than the other guys. Whatever the case, we have a new offensive coordinator now, and like we gave Tranquill a chance, so too must we give Rogers a chance.

Bring it on, Rogers.