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Report: Virginia Tech's Jarell Eddie Will Play Against Wake Forest

Source close to the team says the marijuana found on #Hokies forward Jarell Eddie was not his and he passed a drug test. Will play at Wake.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®


Well, there you go. The "it wasn't mine" defense works for Eddie and he'll reportedly play Tuesday night against the Deacs. If everything we've read so far -- Eddie was arrested Tuesday for possession of weed that wasn't his and has subsequently passed a drug test -- is true, then I'm OK with the decision to play the kid tomorrow.

He sat out one game already and I think a one-game suspension is fine for the only crime he's guilty of so far: Doing something really stupid and causing a distraction at a time when this team doesn't need distractions. If this thing turns out to be more nefarious, then deal with it then. For now, Eddie is innocent until proven guilty.