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Frank Beamer on Virginia Tech's Recent Coaching Staff Upheaval

Kyle Tucker from the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot has the full transcript of Frank Beamer's teleconference today during which he discussed Tuesday's reshuffling of the coaching staff. During the teleconference, Beamer was asked about every preconceived notion Virginia Tech fans could have possibly had about the motivations behind them.

Were the play-calling duties taken away from Bryan Stinespring and given to Mike O'Cain because of the Hokies' blow-out loss in the Orange Bowl? No, said Beamer. They're to make the program better.

Was the addition of Cornell Brown and Shane Beamer to the Virginia Tech staff an effort to make the aging coaching staff younger? No, said Beamer. It was done to make the program better.

Was Shane Beamer brought onto the staff and named associate head coach as a possible successor or to help stabilize the program after Frank Beamer rides of into the sunset? No, said Beamer. He was brought to Blacksburg to make the program better.

Were all of these changes made in order to help Virginia Tech win a national title? No, said Beamer. They were done to make the program better.

Was the staff's recruiting assignments changed as a reaction to the impressive recruiting haul rival UVa pulled in this year? No, said Beamer. It was done to make the program better.

So there you have it. Beamer's only motivation for changing who called the plays after the biggest improvement in the offense under Stinespring, moving two older staff members to administrative positions for younger replacements, shuffling the recruiting territories and naming his son Shane as associate head coach over other long-time members of the staff including presumed successor Bud Foster (despite Shane having not coached a single game in Blacksburg) was to make the program better.

Any other underlying motivation you could think of, including taking Virginia Tech to the "next level" is pure hogwash and horse feathers. It's all about making the program better.

And what about Beamer's motivation for posting all of the above mentioned changes behind the pay wall of his private website? Was it done because the coach wasn't happy that mainstream and non-mainstream media reported previous changes to the staff before it was released officially?

Was it done to push fans to the site to buy subscriptions that help subsidize assistant coaches' salaries now that there are two more positions to pay for? Well, we don't know because it wasn't asked about. But my guess is it was done to make the program better.