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How Virginia Tech's Ryan Williams and Tyrod Taylor Performed at the NFL Combine

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Virginia Tech RB Ryan Williams and QB Tyrod Taylor were two headlining Hokies that participated in the NFL Scouting Combine this past week and both had mixed results Sunday during their workouts. 

For Williams, his measurable results weren't as good as expected, especially in the 40-yard dash. He ran an "unofficial" 4.55 which was downgraded to 4.58, the same as fellow Virginia Tech RB Darren Evans. However, Williams wowed during position drills. After an impressive sweep read-and-react drill, NFL Network commentator Mike Mayock said, "You asked me earlier why I like that kid. That's why."

Taylor's results were the opposite. He put up impressive workout numbers and was the combine's faster QB with a 4.51 40 time. However, his position drills were unimpressive as the NFL Network commentators suggested he needed to speed up his drop-back. They had the same critique of Auburn QB Cam Newton, another dual-threat quarterback who had some trouble during throwing drills.

Williams' performance may not be enough to help him crack the first round. There aren't a lot of teams who need to take a running back in the first round and right now it looks like Alabama's Mark Ingram will be the only one taken on the draft's first night.

Taylor still has work to do to convince most scouts that he can play quarterback in the NFL. His athleticism alone will probably get him drafted by a team that can afford to take time on a project like him. How high he's selected will depend on his pro day March 17 or team workouts.

Here are what others had to say about Williams and Taylor's combine performances:

Everyone Has Opinions

RB Ryan Williams

Curt Popejoy, Draft Board Insider:

My number two back is Ryan Williams from the Virginia Tech Hokies. He's slightly undersized compared to Ingram, but in a league that covets the ability to break off the long run, Williams is going to be in a lot of NFL execs minds. Go back and watch his 2009 season, you'll see what a workhorse he was and that he can be a 20+ carry a guy in the NFL. He has such quick feet, he can extend the play, and he shows nice power when he finishes. His system isn't ideal for determining NFL potential, but I love watching him play and there's no reason given some work he can't transfer his Saturday success to Sundays.

Shane P. Hallam, Draft Countdown:

Late 2nd to 3rd. RT @jermadams: @ShanePHallam what round u think ryan williams goes???

NFL Mocks:

Absolutely love Ryan Williams. Kid's going to be a very good NFL player, runs a 4.55 #NFLDraft #NFLCombine

Christopher Harris, ESPN:

Ryan Williams (Virginia Tech) was spectacular as a redshirt freshman two years ago but was limited by a hamstring this season and didn't do as much. He's about Ingram's size (he's 5-foot-9, 212 pounds) and Sunday ran the 40 in almost exactly the same time, but that's a disappointment for Williams, who was expected to run a tenth faster.

Russ Lande, Sporting News:

Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech. Despite not running a great 40-time (4.58 seconds), he still had an impressive workout. He appeared quick and explosive with great balance and body control throughout the drills. He also showed soft hands, even though he wasn't utilized much as a receiver in college.

QB Tyrod Taylor

Mark Trible, Gobbler Country:

Also, why are people freaking out about Tyrod's speed? Was THAT the reason he wouldn't get drafted? smh

Rich Tandler, CSN Washington:

Tyrod Taylor of Virginia Tech was in the same group as Ponder and Newton. His performance was solid but not remarkable. His passes didn't have the velocity that the throws of some of the other quarterbacks did but they generally were accurate. Taylor looked particularly good on the three deep passes that every quarterback makes. He hit the receivers in stride on all three.

Tommy Deas, Tuscaloosa News:

Tyrod Taylor's stock not that high to begin with, but it's dropping to Colonial Bank territory at NFL Combine

Gerald Alexander, Carolina Panthers:

Tyrod Taylor is being a robot. Fire that f'n pigskin!

Eye on Football, CBS Sports:

Tyrod Taylor's not looking so sharp on the short throws.