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With Richmond's Win, Virginia Tech Should Be In NCAA Tournament

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The Selection Show is 6 p.m. EDT on CBS.

The final bid thief remaining in Championship Week was slain Sunday afternoon as Dayton fell to Richmond in the Atlantic 10 championship game. There's plenty of irony surrounding the game as the Flyers' loss means Virginia Tech and a few other bubble teams can feel confident that they're going to get the chance to play on their home court. University of Dayton Arena will host the NCAA Tournament's First Four this Tuesday and Wednesday.

There's added irony for the Hokies as another in-state rival it rarely faces did it a huge favor. The Hokies have played Richmond just three times since 1992. But they needed the Spiders, who were firmly in the tournament, to knock off the Flyers, who were definitely out. Old Dominion did the same earlier in the week when it beat VCU in the Colonial Athletic Association championship.

Richmond's win means the Hokies are probably dancing. Every significant bracket projection has Virginia Tech among the final four teams in their bracket as of Sunday afternoon. Odds are, the Hokies are in the tournament and will have to head to Dayton to play a fellow bubble team on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Odds are CBS will milk the First Four during its Selection Show and announce it last. During the announcement, Tech fans should start to get worried if teams like Boston College, UAB, Georgia and Southern Cal, teams that are presumed to be below the Hokies in the at-large ladder, start showing up in the bracket.

Chris Dobbertean, SB Nation
Third-to-last team in the field.

Patrick Stevens, D1scourse
Fourth-to-last team in the field.

Jerry Palm, CBS Sports
Fourth-to-last team in the field.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN
Second-to-last team in the field.

Dave Ommen, Bracketville
Second-to-last team in the field.

Andy Glockner, Sports Illustrated
Last team in the field.