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Greenberg Wonders if There's an Agenda Against Virginia Tech

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Seth Greenberg's opening statement from Kyle Tucker's Blog:

"Just disappointed. You almost wonder if someone in that room has their own agenda and that agenda doesn't include Virginia Tech. Just plain and simple. I totally wonder it, if someone in that room has an agenda. The explanation was so inconsistent with the result that it was almost mind-boggling."

You can understand Greenberg's frustration with the selection committee and its decision to leave out the Hokies, but at the same time I'm disappointed in bringing up agendas and conspiracy theories. It reflects poorly on coach Greenberg and the program.

Virginia Tech's non-conference schedule was poor in 2010 and that's what was pointed to as the reason Tech was left out of the NCAA Tournament. So in 2010-11, the Hokies improved their non-conference schedule. However, they didn't win any of those games. Their biggest wins were over No. 10 seed Penn State and fellow NIT participant Oklahoma State.

And while Tech beat Duke and Florida State in ACC play, those wins were negated by two losses to Virginia and a loss to Georgia Tech. Most bracketologists had Virginia Tech in the field and certainly I thought the Hokies were in the Tournament, but as one of the perceived last four teams in, nothing was guaranteed. There's nothing to suggest that it was a conspiracy against the Hokies.

The resumes of most of the bubble teams were nearly indistinguishable. Other bubble teams like Colorado have just as much of an argument for being in the Tournament as the Hokies. Tech's argument isn't any more special than CU's or Alabama's or even Boston College's. After all, BC beat the Hokies twice in the regular season.

This isn't a conspiracy or an agenda against coach Greenberg or the Hokies. I hate that Tech is being left out of the NCAA Tournament again and I felt like it had done enough to be included in the field. But the Hokies weren't included because someone had an agenda.