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2011 NCAA Tournament Printable and Sortable Schedule in Excel


The above file is an Excel document that has the schedule for the second round (which in everyone's eyes is still the first round) of the 2011 NCAA Tournament. It includes region, host site, game, start date, start time, network and channel listings for DirecTV and Dish Network.

If everyone wants me to (and if hopefully if I'll have time) I'll do this for the third (second) round as well. Let me know if this helps any of you. One thing I did that some of you may not agree with is that I went ahead and estimated the start times for the second set of games in each session.

These games officially start 30 minutes after the conclusion of the previous game. I went ahead and just added 2 hours and 30 minutes to the start time of the first set of games. Obviously, the odds of any of those start times turning out to be exact is zero-point-zero.