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Seth Greenberg Not Invited to Annual Conspiracy Theorists Convention

Despite a strong showing in 2010-11, Virginia Tech's Seth Greenberg was not among the 68 conspiracy theorists invited to the National Conspiracy Theorists Association Convention. The convention, held every year at the Des Moines Airport Marriott, brings together only those whose theories have distinguished themselves over the past year.

Once again, Greenberg was not among those included.

"Mr. Greenberg came on strong toward the end of the season with his claim that there is agenda against his team in the NCAA basketball tournament," said the committee chairman. "However, when you look at his full body of work for the entire year, it just doesn't match up."

After Sunday's NCAA selection show, Greenberg told the assembled media, "You almost wonder if someone in that room has their own agenda and that agenda doesn't include Virginia Tech. Just plain and simple. I totally wonder it, if someone in that room has an agenda [...] You would hate to think that politics would be involved, but it makes you wonder."

The committee chairman said Greenberg's theory had some high points, but other theories had held up better against tougher competition. While the coach won't have his chance to compare his theories with the nation's best, he will get the chance to participate in the Conspiracy Invitation Convention held next week at the Best Western in Prescott, Ariz.