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2011 NCAA Tournament Day 1 Schedule & Open Thread


Yes, I realize this is technically the third day of the tournament. Thursday will always be "Day 1" to me. Feel free to discuss any game. I'll be around occasionally and on The Twitter.

Region Host Game Date Time EDT Net
East Tampa West Virginia vs. Clemson Mar 17 12:15 PM CBS
Southeast Washington Butler vs. Old Dominion Mar 17 12:40 PM TRU
Southwest Denver Louisville vs. Morehead State Mar 17 1:40 PM TBS
West Tucson Temple vs. Penn State Mar 17 2:10 PM TNT
East Tampa Kentucky vs. Princeton Mar 17 2:45 PM CBS
Southeast Washington Pittsburgh vs. UNC-Asheville Mar 17 3:10 PM TRU
Southwest Denver Vanderbilt vs. Richmond Mar 17 4:10 PM TBS
West Tucson S.D. State vs. No. Colorado Mar 17 4:40 PM TNT
Southeast Tampa Florida vs. UC Santa Barbara Mar 17 6:50 PM TBS
Southeast Denver BYU vs. Wofford Mar 17 7:15 PM CBS
West Washington Connecticut vs. Bucknell Mar 17 7:20 PM TNT
Southeast Tucson Wisconsin vs. Belmont Mar 17 7:27 PM TRU
Southeast Tampa UCLA vs. Michigan State Mar 17 9:20 PM TBS
Southeast Denver St. John's vs. Gonzaga Mar 17 9:45 PM CBS
West Washington Cincinnati vs. Missouri Mar 17 9:50 PM TNT
Southeast Tucson Kansas State vs. Utah State Mar 17 9:57 PM TRU