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2011 NCAA Tournament Day 2 Schedule & Open Thread


Five of the first eight games on Day 1 went down to the wire as March Madness went March HAMness. Hopefully Day 2 has more of the same.

Feel free to discuss any game. I'll be around, probably more so during the evening, and on The Twitter.

Region Host Game Date Time EDT Net
West Tulsa Texas vs. Oakland Mar 18 12:15 PM CBS
West Charlotte Michigan vs. Tennessee Mar 18 12:40 PM TRU
Southwest Chicago Notre Dame vs. Akron Mar 18 1:40 PM TBS
East Cleveland George Mason vs. Villanova Mar 18 2:10 PM TNT
West Tulsa Arizona vs. Memphis Mar 18 2:45 PM CBS
West Charlotte Duke vs. Hampton Mar 18 3:10 PM TRU
Southwest Chicago Texas A&M vs. Florida State Mar 18 4:10 PM TBS
East Cleveland Ohio State vs. UTSA Mar 18 4:40 PM TNT
Southwest Tulsa Kansas vs. Boston U. Mar 18 6:50 PM TBS
East Charlotte North Carolina vs. Long Island Mar 18 7:15 PM CBS
Southwest Chicago Purdue vs. St. Peter's Mar 18 7:20 PM TNT
East Cleveland Xavier vs. Marquette Mar 18 7:27 PM TRU
Southwest Tulsa UNLV vs. Illinois Mar 18 9:20 PM TBS
East Charlotte Washington vs. Georgia Mar 18 9:45 PM CBS
Southwest Chicago Georgetown vs. VCU Mar 18 9:50 PM TNT
East Cleveland Syracuse vs. Indiana State Mar 18 9:57 PM TRU