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2011 NCAA Tournament Printable and Sortable TV Schedule in Excel

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Here's an Excel file for the second round (yeah, yeah, yeah third round, whatever) of the 2011 NCAA Tournament similar to the one we had for the first. It includes the region, host, game, start date, start time, network and national channel listings for DirecTV and Dish Network for all of the second-round games. 

Once again, the start time for the second game of each session is estimated. Those games are scheduled to start 30 minutes after the end of the first game, so I've just estimated it at two and a half hours after the start time of the first game.

Gotta say I love the new TV contract for the NCAA Tournament. In past years I had to pay more money than I should have been to DirecTV for its Mega March Madness Package and then I had to deal with some games being blacked out and CBS switching the game in my area and DTV not catching up to it. It was a mess, but in the end probably worth it.

With the new contract there's nothing like that. I know that no matter what, one channel is going to have one game on until it's over. It's great. Plus, it's not costing me any extra and all the games are in HD. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Probably won't do these printable schedules for the regionals since there's so many fewer games.