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What Are Your Expectations for Virginia Tech Football in 2011?

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Virginia Tech's 2010 football season was bittersweet. The Hokies were 11-3, but each loss left a horrible taste in the mouths of everyone emotionally involved with the program. But sandwiched between and 0-2 start and a humbling bowl-game loss was a magical 11-game win streak that culminated with the Hokies' fourth ACC championship in seven seasons.

After experiencing a season of euphoric highs and abysmal lows, the Hokies experienced an offseason of change. Gone are the team's hear and soul, home run hitter and shut-down corner. Even more change was seen in the coaching staff, as Virginia Tech invested heavily in its future by adding coaching positions and shuffling the duties of its offensive staff.

So after all we've seen, what are we to expect in 2011? Will this be a season of transition where the Hokies are able to maintain its recent success and set up future successes? Will it be a season of regression where the rest of the ACC is finally able to get its whacks on Virginia Tech and its new quarterback? Or will it be a season of instant gratification where the staff upheaval leads to heights the team hasn't seen in over a decade?

What I want to know is what your expectations are for the team in 2011 as we enter fall practice. We'll ask this question again when we get closer to the first weekend in September to see if they've changed.

You can answer with what record you think the Hokies should have this season or based on progression of the program as a whole. Either way, the floor is yours: What are your expectations for the Hokies this upcoming season?