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Bourbon Shots: NFL Draft Update on Former Hokies

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Today we've got a few links from around SB Nation on the draft prospects for former Virginia Tech Hokies Ryan Williams, Tyrod Taylor and Rashad Carmichael. We've also got a couple of non-NFL Draft updates on former Hokies. Looks like our guys have made some fans among the SBN writers. Some of the guys still aren't sold on Williams, though.

Ryan Williams NFL Draft scouting report (Mocking The Draft)

It was a surprise to see Williams enter the draft after 2010 with two seasons of eligibility remaining. Williams is no guarantee to be top 50 pick and could have developed into the top running back for the 2012 draft. As it is, some teams will have to wonder about his injury history. He missed four games and part of a fifth due to a hamstring injury. It clearly hampered his running ability, as he finished 2010 with 477 yards and nine touchdowns.

Patriots NFL Draft Prospect: RB Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech (Pats Pulpit)

Why the Patriots?: The Patriots need the dash to BenJarvus Green-Ellis' smash, and Williams has a lot of dash to go around. He's a versatile player with a lot of upside since he is able to pass block, catch the ball and run hard. If he improves his technique in all three, he could be one of the better running backs in the league.

Tyrod Taylor - Possible Brad Smith Replacement? (Gang Green Nation)

Where do the Jets turn to replace this do-it-all player? Look no further than Tyrod Taylor, the QB from Virginia Tech. I had the privilege of watching him live for three years, and I have not seen many collegiate players as athletic as this guy. Not only can he be plugged into other roles like Brad Smith, he could be a great fit at the 3rd QB spot to develop.

WCG Chicago Bears Draft Board: Cornerbacks (Windy City Gridiron)

#12 Rashad Carmichael Virginia Tech- Carmichael has been a favorite of mines for a while now. He's a prospect that if brought along right can be a solid starting CB

Who'll lead the 2011 Diamondbacks In Wins? (AZ Snake Pit)

Saunders certainly has the track record, being the only pitcher on the Diamondbacks to have a 15-win year under his belt - he's got two, having followed up his high with 16 more wins in 2009, despite an ERA+ of 95 that season. In an example of the vagaries of wins, his record slumped from 16-7 to 9-17, while his ERA actually improved from 4.60 to 4.47, combined between Anaheim and Arizona.

Smoke, mirrors, & getting by with a little help from their friends (Hot Time In Old Town)

The fact that Marco Pappa was on international duty flew under the radar pre-game but Diego Chaves, Gaston Puerari, and Patrick Nyarko have been lighting things up so well, Pappa's absence didn't get to me. It didn't seem to bother the rest of the team either as Chaves, Puerari, and Nyarko led successful attacks along with the help of rookie Davis Paul.