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Virginia Tech at the College Fishing National Championship: Day 2

Jody White, aka @vtbasser, of the Virginia Tech bass fishing team is going to keep us updated as he and his partner compete in the College Fishing National Championship this week on Kentucky Lake near Murray State University.

Day 2 dawned calm and overcast, the opposite of Day 1. We saddled up and ran down lake to our prime spot. We started fishing it just like we had Day 1. We were throwing shaky heads and Texas rigged creature baits targeting the bank, the docks on it and some brush piles that were between three and nine feet of water. We managed one keeper out of that spot and that was it for the day.

We then started to try for our practice day pattern - square billed cranks on the banks leading into pockets. That didn't pan out at all. So, then we ran around and tried some off-shore stuff and some main lake points and some of the same banks with different baits. Finally, still with only one keeper - and a lot of shorts - under our belt we decided to run 15 miles back to our prime spot. We got down and immediately caught a few 14.999 inchers.

We ended up in 11th. It was a truly disappointing finish for us. We put in the time pre-fishing and we caught them well the first day and in practice. Unfortunately, our pattern was not good enough and we couldn't adjust, try as we might.

Saturday Carson and I split up. Carson worked the College Fishing Festival back at the weigh-in and I took two National Guardsmen out for the Soldier Appreciation Tournament. We had a great time and - of course - caught them better than we did on Friday. My soldiers and I brought in a full limit of three fish good for just under seven pounds and finished third. A good time was had by all!

Thanks for paying attention to us. Carson and Wyatt are already qualified for this fall's regional at Penn State so the Virginia Tech Bass Fishing Team has a great shot at a third consecutive National championship appearance!

This post written by Jody White.