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UPDATED: Virginia Tech Basketball Coach Seth Greenberg Reportedly Being Sued

UPDATE (4/13 - 8:30 AM)The News-Leader has updated its story. The padding and wall distance at War Memorial didn't meet several standards. Here's the money quote from the family's attorney:

Yost said he filed the lawsuit because of Virginia Tech's lack of movement. "We were hoping they would settle," he said. "They haven't negotiated with me at all."


From the Staunton News-Leader:

CHRISTIANSBURG - The father of a Wilson Memorial High School basketball player is suing Virginia Tech Coach Seth Greenberg for $2.5 million amid claims his son suffered brain injuries nearly two years ago at a basketball camp at the school, according to a lawsuit filed in Montgomery County Circuit Court.

The suit claims the young man hit his head on an uncovered wall less than three feet from the baseline at War Memorial Gym when he slid for a loose ball. There aren't many more details other than that, including what the extent of his injuries are.

There are also a lot of unanswered questions from the News-Leader's four-paragraph story. I wonder what kind of release the kid (or really, his parents since he was 15 at the time) signed prior to the camp.

Also, wouldn't the school be more at fault for an injury of this nature and not Greenberg? Any lawyers in the house?

This is a pretty strange story at this point and one we'll try to keep an eye on. Of course, it'll probably just get settled out of court and we'll never hear about it again.