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2011 Virginia Tech Spring Football: Why is UVa's Spring Game on ESPN3 and Not the Hokies'?

Virginia's spring game is at 2:30 p.m. EDT today and the game will be shown on Some of you have asked why ESPN would choose to show UVa's spring game and not Virginia Tech's. Here's a statement I received from an ESPN spokesperson regarding spring games:

"Decisions on our spring game selections are based on several factors including game schedules, available air time, production resources and that particular team's storylines for the upcoming season."

UVa's is one of several spring games being shown on the ESPN family of networks this month, the most its shown across its platforms. Elsewhere in the ACC, they'll show Clemson's spring game April 9 on ESPN and Florida State's spring game April 16 on 

There's no way this was an "either/or" decision by ESPN. No network is going to say, "Oh we're broadcasting this team, so we can't broadcast that team." Still it's frustrating to me that I'm not going to get to see the Hokies' spring game. I'll be listening to Bill and Mike just like the rest of you who can't make it to Blacksburg April 23.

Interestingly enough, ESPN isn't snowing any spring games on TV or Internet on the 23rd.