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Coastal Confessions: Recapping the 2011 Virginia Spring Game

Screenshot from Joe from <a href="">The Key Play</a>, who to borrow a phrase from <a href="">EDSBS</a> is hung like Brandon Flowers.
Screenshot from Joe from The Key Play, who to borrow a phrase from EDSBS is hung like Brandon Flowers.

Reviewing the spring games for each of the Hokies' division rivals. Previously: Duke. The rest of the schedule: North Carolina - April 9; Miami - April 16; Georgia Tech - April 23.

Because I'm a very, very diseased individual, I watched UVa's spring game on ESPN3 Saturday so you didn't have to. The score (Blue 17, Orange 7) is irrelevant. All you need to know is that if we or any other ACC team actually loses a game to this outfit in 2011 that it should be embarrassed.

UVa had a solid recruiting class last year (I know because the ESPN3 announcers mentioned it every three minutes), but it's still light years away from being a legitimate contender in the ACC Coastal or existence. None of UVa's quarterbacks were particularly impressive. However, it doesn't really matter since its offensive line is going to get whoever is under center killed.

Eventually, the Hoos are going to have to give the starting job to David Watford for the same reason Tyrod Taylor started for Virginia Tech in 2007. There's no way a traditional drop-back quarterback who isn't mobile is going to be feasible with that line. They're going to need someone who can escape and keep plays alive with a line full of matadors.

Part of UVa's troubles offensively in its spring game today can be blamed on its starting wide receivers being out. There were drops and poor timing all around in the passing game, which is somewhat understandable when none of the QBs have started a game and none of the receivers have much experience. However, there were still a lot of balls thrown right into coverage, including a pick-six.

What can't be blamed on the wide receiver injuries is how poor the run game looked for UVa. I think I saw one run between the tackles for more than five yards. It looked worse than we did against Boise State and JMU last year trying to run between the tackles.

The bottom line for UVa is that they have no line, no quarterback and no speed on offense. If the Hoos are going to make a bowl game this year, they're going to have to win a lot of games 13-10, hope the freshmen who aren't on campus yet can all be all-conference as freshmen or both.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go wash my eyes out with turpentine after watching that.

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