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Bourbon Shots: Another ACC Spring Football Update Edition

Another update on ACC spring football. Boston College and Miami both held spring scrimmages, while the Yellow Jackets are preparing to open up camp.

2011 Georgia Tech Spring Football: Top Topics (From The Rumble Seat)

"Oh Joshua Nesbitt, we already miss you. Two quarterbacks are seriously vying for the starting position in Tevin Washington and Synjyn Days. Can Tevin hold his starting role that he assumed after Nesbitt went down last year? Or will Synjyn perform as anticipated and take over? If you have a chance to catch a practice, watch out for these two players."

Observations from the Boca Raton Scrimmage (Eye of the Hurricane)

"The next session was a goal line situation. Both Stephen Morris and Jacory Harris ran a series of plays that appeared to be from the 3 yard line. We had a bit of trouble getting 7 once we hit the red zone. The Offense took care of this with a nice spin move by Mike James on one play, and Morris using his speed on another. There was a nice pass by Harris to Laron Byrd and a cut back where the offensive line opened a hole that my grandmother could have navigated her wheel chair through."

First take on first scrimmage (Eagle in Atlanta)

"Rettig was under center. Not only does this show intentions for 2011, having the QB under center also allows BC to sell their offense as "pro style" to pocket passing recruits."

Random Spring Thoughts: Boston College (Pre-Snap Read)

"Yet B.C. can take solace in the fact that Harris now has a capable reserve in sophomore Andre Williams, who started the final two games in Harris’s stead to end last season. In the regular season finale against Syracuse, Williams set a new B.C. record with 42 carries. So he deserves his fair share of totes, even if it cuts into Harris’s bottom line."

Spring Practice Notes (Shakin The Southland)

"Tajh Boyd has shown the confidence and the desire to learn that you want, and the team is behind him. Still, his mechanics are sloppy and he's careless with the football. The separation between himself and the early enrollees in terms of grasping the offense and reading defenses is not great. Right now he's playing like he didn't learn much the last couple years. Doesn't read coverages well."

Injuries Ravishing the Wake football team (Blogger So Dear)

"It is difficult to install an offensive set (or 12 in the case of our offense the past few years) when the starting players, or even the backup players are on the training table instead of out on the field. I completely agree that Coach Grobe needs to make a stand about this now and let players understand what he expects of them. They were recruited to be out on the field, not sitting on the wall watching practice."

Storylines to Watch for Terps (Testudo Times)

"It seems like someone randomly bursts on the scene every spring. Remember Joe Vellano last year? Though these seemingly-random rises generally defy logic, my candidates for breakout star are: D.J. Adams, De'Onte Arnett, and Rahsaan Moore. Adams has superstar potential based on his limited touches last year when you look at his swagger, intensity, and vision."