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Did One Play Change Virginia Tech Fans' Expectations for Logan Thomas?

Logan Thomas only saw one significant play under center for Virginia Tech in 2010, but that play offered fans a glimpse what he could bring to the table as the Hokies' starter in 2011.

Midway through the third quarter against Miami, Virginia Tech faced third-and-16 after Tyrod Taylor was shaken up on an incomplete pass. The Hokies could have called timeout to allow Taylor time to get his wits about him, but instead inserted Thomas, down 7-0 with the hopes of continuing a drive.

Thomas responded by dropping back, standing tall in the pocket, finding the opening in Miami's defense and delivering a bullet to Danny Coale for a 24-yard gain and a first down. Just like that, Thomas was out of the game, Taylor was back in and the drive went on. Ryan Williams eventually capped it off with a 14-yard touchdown run that tied the game.

The Hokies went on to a 31-17 win and clinched the Coastal Division.

In the context of the game and the Hokies' season, that play may not have meant much. Even if Thomas' throw is too high for Coale, Tech punts, Miami scores and uses that momentum to carry it to victory, the Hokies would still probably beat UVa to win the Coastal.

But for Hokie fans, the play showed us what Thomas could be this season. He showed poise, coming in with no time to warm up in a hostile environment and delivered a clutch throw that continued a key drive in a key game in the Hokies' season.

The other side the coin is that because Thomas had to relieve an injured Taylor at the last moment, he really didn't have time to experience any emotion, including fear. And as for the hostile environment? Rewind to the beginning of that video. You'll see there were probably just as many Tech fans as Miami fans in that stadium that day. And the throw? It was a little high (even Thomas admits he struggled with accuracy last year) and was a great catch by Coale.

Somewhere in between the two assessments is what that play really means for Thomas in 2011. His tools -- height to see over the line and arm strength -- made it happen. It also took a little intestinal fortitude to come into that situation and deliver on third-and-16, even if there really wasn't any time to realize exactly what was going on. The clutch play in a clutch situation gave Hokie fans a small taste of what could be for the young quarterback in 2011.