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Virginia Tech at the College Fishing National Championship: Practice Day Blog

Jody White, aka @vtbasser, of the Virginia Tech bass fishing team is going to keep us updated as he and his partner compete in the College Fishing National Championship this week on Kentucky Lake near Murray State University. Today's entry focuses on Wednesday's practice day.

This is being posted some time during the 1st day of the College Fishing National Championship. Carson Rejzer and I drove out to Kentucky from Blacksburg on Tuesday and yesterday fished the one practice day. Kentucky Lake was off-limits for the 9 days prior.

The main goal of practice day was not to catch fish but to find a pattern (a pattern is a combination of bait, location and other factors that you can duplicate in other areas to catch fish). The weather was less than cooperative. Though sunny and warm, the wind was blowing about 15-20 miles per hour which meant there were 3-4 foot waves
running straight up and down the middle of the lake. The waves really slowed us down and made some spots unfishable.

We started the day with a plan to find fish and we ended up catching a few on our second spot (we'll be back there today in all probability). Then, we entered a long dry spell as we ran some other areas we had in mind with no results. After making a move and getting the boat back on the trailer (so we could avoid the waves and be closer to check-in at the end of practice day), we quickly found some fish. Then, we duplicated those fish at another spot.

Coming out of practice day, we feel we have a pattern that will hopefully only get better as the tournament goes on. A lot will depend on some larger fish moving into our areas.

Be sure to watch us weigh-in live at 5 p.m. EDT Thursday, Friday and Saturday and follow our updates here and on Facebook.

This post written by Jody White.