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Virginia Tech at the College Fishing National Championship: Day 1

Jody White, aka @vtbasser, of the Virginia Tech bass fishing team is going to keep us updated as he and his partner compete in the College Fishing National Championship this week on Kentucky Lake near Murray State University. After Day 1, the Hokies are in fourth place.

After lengthy morning ceremonies, we got on the water and ran to where we finished on practice day to try and duplicate our practice pattern. We didn't catch anything (except me and I'm gonna let Carson off the hook for that) and started moving around to a few of our secondary spots where our practice-day pattern was supposed to work. No luck. However, the sun was not up on the banks yet and the wind was pretty calm so we assumed our spots would be on later in the day.

With that in mind, we ran down lake (north) to one of our prime spots. Pretty quickly we started catching fish with a slight variation of our regular pattern (all will be revealed Friday or hopefully Saturday I promise!). We managed to pull five fish from one stretch of water and then moved on to try some other locations. Near the end of the day we caught another keeper that culled one (we are only allowed to weigh-in five fish) on a totally separate pattern that hopefully we can do something with tomorrow!

Keep in touch. Friday is cut day and we need to be in the top five to fish Saturday! Be sure to watch us weigh-in live at 5 p.m. EDT Friday and and follow our updates here and on Facebook.

This post written by Jody White.