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Three Hokies find a new home in the NFL

After the NFL Draft came to a close on Sunday, three former Hokies now have new addresses. Of course, with the NFL lockout things are a little more complicated than in the past. Nevertheless, let's dive into analysis of the three selections.

Round 2, 6th Pick (38th overall)--Arizona Cardinals: Ryan Williams (RB)

There was a lot of speculation that Williams would be taken off the board late in the first round by either the Patriots or Packers, but some head scratching selections left Mark Ingram on the board still and both teams decided to go an alternate route (New England trading down, Green Bay selecting Derek Sherrod). This allowed the Cardinals to take Williams in the 2nd round with the 6th pick.

How he fits in: The Cardinals have a decent running back corps, but no one back stands out. They seem to have a running back by committee as Tim Hightower and Beanie Wells both had 100+ carries last year and LaRod Stephens-Howling got some carries as well. Hightower is currently a (restricted) free agent and Beanie Wells hasn't quite yet become what many had hoped he would be. I think Williams has the potential to be an immediate starter (but he won't be) and will eventually be the go-to back for the Cardinals. The only thing that worries me about Williams at the NFL level is his size. But, as we've seen during his brief time at Virginia Tech, he more than makes up for that with his speed and change of direction.

The take from the SB Nation Cardinals' blog seems to be less than favorable, but mainly because the fans/writers wanted a different position to be drafted at the time.

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Round 4, Pick 30 (127th overall)--Houston Texans: Rashad Carmichael (DB)

The defensive back prospects were very thick this year and a lot of good players came off the board before Carmichael did in the 4th round. That being said, this is a great spot for him to get drafted and for a guy with such a good head on his shoulders, I'm glad to see him get drafted by a team that he can make a difference on.

How he fits in: Carmichael comes in to a Houston Texans team that struggled to defend the pass last year, giving up 4,280 yards (most in NFL) and 33 touchdowns (tied for most in NFL) through the air. Carmichael has the ability to become a big performer in the NFL but will probably not see any starting time in the upcoming (potential) season. Carmichael's speed will be a tremendous asset for him at the next level and will help him earn playing time sooner rather than later.

The SB Nation Texans' blog seems to be happy with this selection as the Texans have a weak secondary and Carmichael is a nice fit.

Round 6, Pick 15 (180th overall)--Baltimore Ravens: Tyrod Taylor (QB)

A lot of quarterbacks went before Tyrod Taylor in the draft but given that Tyrod has adamantly stated that he is a quarterback, not a receiver/returner, you can understand a team's willingness to pass on him. Tyrod was the second to last quarterback drafted (take that, Greg McElroy!) but found a good home in Baltimore.

How he fits in: No way is Tyrod going to take the starting job away from Joe Flacco, but he will be able to immediately compete for second string quarterback on the team. The Ravens have Marc Bulger and Hunter Cantwell at QB behind Flacco and there's a lot of speculation that Bulger will be on the way to Arizona. Tyrod's skill set will probably allow him to quickly surpass Cantwell on the depth chart.

The take from the SB Nation Ravens' blog seems to be a little more favorable than that of Williams.


Undrafted Hokies: Darren Evans, John Graves, Steven Friday, Andre Smith.

In all honesty, Evans was the only one I expected to get drafted. However, the fact that he went undrafted makes you wonder if too many teams are concerned about his knee. Then again, guys like Noel Devine, Graig Cooper, Brandon Saine and John Clay all went undrafted as well. I think Evans has a decent shot at landing on a roster as a free agent before the season begins, same with John Graves.