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Other People Write Words About Our Opponents

I keep linking to these two guys because they're much better at writing than I am. Today brings us in-depth looks at two teams we should obliterate this upcoming season, but it's still nice to get to know them, inside and out.

Bill Connelly on UVa: The Virginia Cavaliers and the Number One

Generally speaking, the base of talent at Virginia isn't too bad. Former four-star recruits like receiver Tim Smith and offensive tackles Oday Aboushi and Morgan Moses are reaching maturity, and the Cavs bring in a stellar class this fall. Combined with a host of returning starters and a potentially healthy YPP margin, and it isn't impossible to talk yourself into UVa.

Of course, I was attempting to talk myself into them last September too, but the defense got in the way. Unless some of the freshmen and sophomores are ready out of the gates, the Cavs are still probably a year away from becoming a truly interesting factor in the ACC.

Paul Myerberg on WF: No. 96: Wake Forest

For now, there are concerns about the quarterback position, where Price might be better but is still green; the offensive line and the secondary has returning talent but needs to come together; and the defensive line, particularly on the nose, needs to be retooled. It doesn't smell like a positive season. But as noted in the opening, I've been wrong many times before when it comes to the Demon Deacons.

The Hokies visit Wake Forest Oct. 15 and travel to UVa Nov. 26.

In other link-worthy news, word on the street is Athlon is going to rank Tech No. 7 (!) in the nation in its preseason mag, which means they'll debut on their front page Thursday. Look for Athlon's VT preview, its list of the 10 greatest Hokies, a run down of great moments in program history and a pictorial (tastefully done, of course) of Tech cheerleaders through the years. I think No. 7's a little high (OK, a lot high), but it's cool the Hokies are getting that kind of respect.