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Bourbon Shots: Rivals Schadenfreude Edition

This linktastic journey features a lot of bad news for teams we don't like. So of course we'll go ahead and lick their delicious tears while we can before something horrible happens to our program.

Recruiting scoopage from the man, Brian Mohr (Hokie Annual)
Our man Chris Colston has some info on what current Virginia Tech commits have been the most impressive and which in-state recruits the Hokies need to land for their 2012 class.

Quillie Odom and Lorenzo Williams leave football team (The Key Play)
Nothing big here. Odom never really blossomed and got lost in the fold at linebacker last year. Williams has battled injuries, but his departure hurts the depth at whip.

Bill Stewart Out At West Virginia (The Smoking Musket)
Not that I would ever point out something embarrassing happening to a rival school.

NCAA Sends UNC a Notice of Inquiry (Carolina March)
Nearly a year after all of this stuff started to come to light, the bureaucratic proceedings have begun. T.H. calls the letter a formality that doesn't advance the ball much and he's right. This is simply the beginning of the official ink to paper process that will try to catch up to the leg work the NCAA has already done in the UNC football case.

On the Ryan Hill Allegations (The 7th Floor)
Former Cane CB Ryan Hill suggests Miami players undermined Randy Shannon at every turn, including starting a snowball fight in the middle of their embarrassing loss to Notre Dame in last year's Sun Bowl.

It Ain’t Easy Being Duke (Pre-Snap Read)
Myerberg takes a look at the Blue Devils, who are gunning for a bowl game this season. Unfortunately for Duke, they catch FSU and BC from the Atlantic this year. Duke could easily win four games this year, but will have a tough time finding the other two wins necessary to make a bowl.

The R&R Podcast: Episode 4 (Riddick & Reynolds)
Listen if you like college sports or Justin Bieber.

Don’t expect the mess in college sports to go away (George Schroeder)
"Sure, some coaches want to play by the rules. School presidents and athletic directors, too. But Ohio State’s bow-tied president and the Buckeyes’ athletic director, who produced that faux investigation last December, and then covered for Tressel until they couldn’t anymore? They’re the rule, not the exception. If you doubt it, wait until it’s your school."

We Could Have the EPL in College Football if we Sort of Already Didn't Have It (EDSBS)
The BCS already divides college football into tiers that teams like Boise State and Appalachian State are trying to bust through.