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Virginia Tech to Play Maryland in Baltimore in 2014

Maryland has moved its 2014 home game against Virginia Tech to Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium, home of the NFL's Baltimore Ravens (and Tyrod Taylor).

There is, of course, no telling what the Hokies and Terps will look like in 2014 since only redshirt freshmen and incoming freshmen from the current rosters will be involved in it. For now we'll have to focus on the intangible factors moving the game brings to the two teams.

In terms of atmosphere, moving its home game to a neutral site may backfire on Maryland. Hokie fans have notoriously gobbled up tickets for neutral site regular season games each of the last three season, even if it didn't do them any good. At worst, the games were 50-50 splits and at best it was a near home game for Tech.

In Baltimore Hokie fans will have to compete with local Terp fans for tickets, including season ticket holders that will likely get first dibs. I still expect there to be a very strong contingent of Tech fans in Baltimore for this game. Our Maryland blog, Testudo Times, doesn't like the move for this very reason:

Then again, money is the primary, probably sole, motivator here. Let's not act differently. I'm guessing that to get the payoff they wanted from a couple of B-more games, they had to promise big-ticket opponents. Again, I love the idea of consistently playing a game in Baltimore. But exporting what are likely to be the two biggest home games of the season? Not so sold on that.

This move also helps the Hokies on the recruiting front. Tech has slowly started to recruit the state of Maryland more aggressively and have four players on its roster from the Old Line State, including Kyle and Corey Fuller. The Hokies already have one commitment from Maryland for their 2012 class in three-star safety Donovan Riley and are trying to land four-star athlete Stefon Diggs and three-star running back Wes Brown from Good Counsel High School in Olney.

In all, I think this is a good thing for Virginia Tech. Any time an opponent wants to move a game that would have been on campus to a neutral site, I'm all for it. Next year's game against Cincinnati will be in DC and now the 2014 Maryland game will be in Baltimore. It's not good if you're like me and enjoy visiting the campuses and stadiums of opponents on road trips, but it's good for the helping the Hokies get more of their fans into the game and good for their recruiting efforts.