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Bourbon Shots: Stop Tweeting Recruits Edition

The latest and greatest from the blogosphere and beyond.

Virginia Tech Hokies

Can we stop calling them 'commitments' now? (Kyle Tucker)
One day after getting a commitment from QB Brenden Motley, the Hokies had another recruit decommit. QB T.J. Millweard has changed his pledge to Arizona State. I'm hoping Millweard's decision doesn't start a trend. The Hokies have a few commits who, like the Texan Millweard, are from far away and are starting to get serious looks from local schools.

VT stays local to get commitment from QB Motley (Norm Wood)
More information on Tech's now lone QB commit. He's more of an athlete, unlike the drop-back passer Millweard, and can play another position if he doesn't stick at quarterback.

Oversigning: How Some Schools Use it to Get an Edge (Tech Sideline)
Will Stewart goes in-depth on one of the summer's many hot topics and how it applies to Virginia Tech. The Hokies have sent their share of players to prep school, but haven't abused it.

Around the ACC

"Hahahaha, do you want your day to get worse? No? Too bad John Swafford makes $1.1 million dollars a year to run a conference whose divisions you can't remember. You're not alone. Here is our first attempt at remembering the ACC's extremely convoluted standings."

Around the Atlantic Division

Let's Play "Count The Potential Violations"! (Backing The Pack)
The NCAA has told schools that if fans or boosters contact a recruit through social media that it's a violation. That' seems pretty tough to enforce, but at the same time... QUIT TWEETING RECRUITS. Not only does it make you look like a jock sniffing sycophant, it's now against the rules.

Maryland banking on big crowds in Baltimore (D1scourse)
West Virginia accounts for four of the 16 largest crowds in Byrd Stadium history and Virginia Tech brought in the stadium's second-largest crowd ever at the stadium. So why are those games being moved to Bodymore? Stevens explains.

No. 69: Maryland (Pre-Snap Read)
"This move may someday prove wise; it won’t be an easy transition, however. I don’t think Edsall is going to experience immediate success with the Terrapins: this team won’t near last season’s win total, in my mind, in part thanks to the changes that occur with any coaching change."

Inside the Clemson Offense: The Buck Sweep (Shakin The Southland)
Bringing a bit of the Wing T to Clemson's offensive attack.

Around the Coastal Division

UNC Releases Notice of Allegations, Hit with Failure to Monitor (Carolina March)
UNC self-reported four of the nine allegations it's been handed. The Heels now have until September to respond to the allegations and will likely learn their fate early next year.

UNC Gets Its NOA: So, Now What? (In the Bleachers)
Oh, did I mention "Butch Davis" appears nowhere in the NOA?

How UNC Avoided Lack of Institutional Control Charge (Tar Heel Fan)
The headline is self-explanatory.

The North Carolina Tar Heels And That Damned Dark Cloud (Bill Connelly)
A look at the 2011 North Carolina Tar Heels football team. How will they look on the field as the cloud gets darker off the field?

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets And The Forward Pass (Bill Connelly)
A look at the 2011 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team. The passing game and defense must improve if they are going to bounce back from a disappointing 2010.

Tough Questions: Is Tech Throwing Wins Away? (ACC Sports Journal)
"Opponents realized they couldn’t really stop Johnson’s offense, but they could contain it. The formula goes something like this: Focus on preventing the big running play, make Tech grind out the yards, and wait for a mistake, such as a turnover, a penalty or a negative-yardage play."

Around College Football

Is A Good Thing For College Football? (BC Interruption)
Any fan who lives outside their favorite teams conference footprint can appreciate this. However, at the end of the day ESPN3 is great because it's free if your cable company subscribes.

Enforcement Reform Through the Years (Bylaw Blog)
NCAA rules enforcement isn't immune to evolution.

Slowly moving into football mode (AppFan)
"The schedule is encouraging. Va Tech is coming off its own Michigan impersonation last season, and it ain’t gonna be feelin’ too compassionate to the original Alltime Upsetter. Expect one heck of a punch."

2011 a few early thoughts (The Den)
"Spring saw a new philosophy with defensive coordinator Dave Wommack. The defense was bringing five on most plays sometimes six but doing it from a variety of looks and wasn’t committed to one base formation. At times bring safeties with linebackers taking safety assignments, sometimes bring linebackers with a down lineman taking a linebacker assignment. The ASU defense should be difficult to read for quarterbacks with the Red Wolves true intent not being revealed until the snap."