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Bourbon Shots: Playing Catch-Up Edition

So apparently a lot of stuff happened while I was gone for two weeks. We'll try to play catch up with a massive list of links to stuff that was written while I was off in search of truth and fun.

Virginia Tech Hokies

Head-to-head recruiting battles between UVa and VT (Darryl Slater)
The main thing I missed while I was away was the massive amount of recruiting commitments the Hokies received. Like I said, whenever I go away something big happens. According to this list by Darryl Slater, the Hokies have done very well against the Hoos when they've gone head-to-head since Mike London arrived.

Who Will Be This Year’s Surprise Team? (Phil Steele)
Steele has the Hokies as his No. 1 "Surprise Team" due to their manageable schedule. Usually when a team gets picked based solely on its schedule, they're doomed to fail. It's like in the 2000s any time a middling Big Ten team manages to have OSU and Michigan cycle off its schedule at the same time and they get pegged as a Big Ten title contender and then went 6-6. I don't trust teams that are picked based on schedule alone, my own team included.

Way Too Early Expectations (The Key Play)
Joe falls into the schedule trap, too, but is at least cognizant of it. He discusses how this year was supposed to be a rebuilding year, but suddenly an inexperienced group of Hokies have expectations to deal with.

DIY: Cornhole Boards (Collegiate Times)
I made my own cornhole board prior to the 2008 season, designing them to look a lot like the home jerseys Joe hates. It was a long, arduous experience. The only thing I would add to the CT's supplies list would be a metric ton of blue painter's tape.

Closing the Borders in Virginia (Pre-Snap Read)
"And while the Cavaliers and Hokies clean up, other programs pay the price. Kind in the past to interlopers like Penn State, Florida, North Carolina and others, only two schools — Stanford and Boston College — currently have verbal commitments from recruits ranked in Virginia’s top 20 prospects. In essence, Virginia and Virginia Tech win on two fronts: in landing the state’s best, they keep top talent from heading to their rivals."

Around the ACC

Extraordinarily sad day. I'll miss you Willy Mac and Chili. Block-C was one of the blogs I read regularly when I started doing this.

Stefon Diggs' Mom Really Likes Randy Edsall (Testudo Times)
A Maryland-centric look at one of Virginia Tech's most sought-after recruits.

The Myopia of College Football Fans (Carolina March)
The fact I find myself agreeing with most of this post really scares me. Good read for those who might be starting to lose their love affair with college football due to all the scandal and greed.

R&R Podcast:’s Owen Good (Riddick & Reynolds)
Great listen for fellow nerds. FYJC and Owen Good spend a lot of time discussing NCAA 12.

The Boston College Eagles And The Excitement Gap (Bill Connelly)
BC won five consecutive games to end the regular season. Here's a stats-filled look at the Eagles and why they don't have any fans.

Can BC Grab More Headlines? (ACC Sports Journal)
At this point, we're just kind of piling on the Eagles for their lack of fans or excitement around the program.

Boston College Athletics Marketing Idea (BC Interruption)
After all the time and effort I spent making fun of Brian for getting married, I'm kind of disappointed I haven't seen a grand revenge post from him. Anyway, here's his idea to help fix BC's attendance problems.

2011 Position Previews: Offensive Line (Eagle in Atlanta)
"Despite my growing cynicism surrounding Spaz, I actually believe the offensive line will play better this year. Rogers' Olines at Syracuse and Notre Dame were always decent. I think Spinney, Richman and Cleary make a solid foundation...all with a chance to be very good or even great."

Paying players is mostly a stupid idea (From Old Virginia)
"I would have less of a problem with the idea that a player should be able to do things like make public appearances for money, or sell his championship rings for money, or whatever. I have a little sympathy for that argument. The problem is this: Wait'll T. Boone Pickens gets a load if it."

Should GT Fans Expect A Tandem At Quarterback In 2011? (From the Rumble Seat)
We'll stick to on-field issues facing the Jackets in 2011. Winfield wants to see Washington and Days split the playing time 50-50. Usually I'd say, "if you have two good quarterbacks, you have no good quarterbacks," but in GT's case it might work. Winfield brings up the health issue, which will be important because I don't think Washington looks as stout as Nasbitt, who was a hoss.

Position Breakdowns: Quarterbacks (Blogger So Dear)
Wake actually has an undisputed starting QB, which a year ago seemed impossible.

Everything Else

You'd Think We'd Be Good At This (The Goose's Roost)
In one of the shorter RoostCasts I can remember (Only 40 mins!), Corey and Ryan discuss the Sabres, sure, but also the legitimacy of women's sports and sports journalism as an ethos. Good stuff.

The Trouble With Aggies (Burnt Orange Nation)
Peter Bean gets linked even though he double spaces after sentences for going on the offensive against Texas A&M's "persecution complex." The last sentence of the post really hits the nail on the head. Look at OU's reaction to the LHN (weighing its options) vs. Texas A&M's (irrational impatience). My opinion is that eventually Texas is going to go independent and none of this is going to matter.

Big 12 (Minus Bevo) Needs to Take a Stand (Blatant Homerism)
On the other hand you have Oklahoma, which instead of looking to out-Texas Texas is looking for a way to put some form of kibosh on the LHN before it gets out of hand. His point? "We can waste time hashing out the legalese of "ownership" and the "economic purpose" of high school broadcasts, but ultimately, there's simply no way this plan is in line with the spirit of the NCAA's laws."

The Ideal ACC, Or Something Like It (College Football Pundit)
"Virginia Tech deserves a medal and a pat on the back, and then needs to slide down a notch. ... Keep on playing Hokie football, there’s no crime in top 10-20 finishes, but the national title talk has grown stale. The conference already has two proven championship schools. The pressure should be on them to finally get their acts together and fulfill that ability." Says here this was written by Brian Grummell. Are we sure he's not just ghostwriting for Bud?

Perhaps This 7 on 7 Phenomenon Is Not All Bad (In the Bleachers)
"First and foremost football and basketball are apples and oranges. The AAU guys are out there still playing basketball, five on five, running screens, playing defense and getting fouls called. The game is still the same. Football is an 11 man game so we've got that angle to start out with. When you're a playing an exclusive passing game you're not seeing what football is predicated on; controlling the trenches, pushing bodies around, getting after the quarterback and establishing the run. So in that regard high school football is safe."

Bill Hodges moves from Roanoke Catholic to North Cross (Roanoke Times)
Via Duke Basketball Report and from the "For Love of the Game" File, the story of Bill Hodges, who has gone from coaching in the Final Four to coaching high school basketball in Roanoke.

The "Week-To-Week Grind" of Major Conferences: Is It Actually A Thing? (Football Study Hall)
Will moving to the Pac 10 be too much for Utah as it moves from the MWC? And how much should Boise State be rooting for Utah to give more credence to their abilities as a mid-major?

The Price of a Victory in Big-time College Football (Black Heart Gold Pants)
A long, detailed, fantastic post about how dollars equate to winning in college football. C.R.E.A.M.