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Another Vacation? Another Vacation.

I'll be out for the next couple weeks for a few completely unimportant, non-life-altering events. Mark, Chris and Casey have the controls.

And so do you!

I'll have limited access to the Internet, but I'll try to check the site as often as possible. If you're feeling frisky you can write a FanPost and I'll try to move as many of those to the front page as possible. Have an opinion on Virginia Tech's recruiting efforts this summer? Let us know. Do you think the Hokies should schedule West Virginia again? Tell us know why or why not and it could find its way to the front page.

Hope to see you guys on or around the 20th. Until then I strongly suggest reading our friends at The Key Play, the college football coverage at SB Nation featuring Spencer Hall and Holly Anderson and somewhat local MLB news from Federal BaseballCamden Chat and Talking Chop. I'll try to keep up with things and stay in touch via The Twitter.

PS - The Hokies have had big news hit just about every other time I've tried to take a vacation while running this blog, so get ready for something catastrophic to happen.