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Rushing For History: Weeks 1 and 2

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David Wilson is Virginia Tech's premiere running back for the 2011-2012 football season. If you didn't know that already, please go back and read older posts until you're caught up. All throughout Hokie Nation, people have been clamoring that this could be a major breakout year for Wilson (This is especially true due to the weak schedule). Because of this, we will be tracking David Wilson's progress throughout the season in a chase for Virginia Tech's single season rushing record held by Ryan Williams.

The goal is 1,655 yards. Ryan Williams set this record during his redshirt-freshman year in 2009. Williams had to run through and past some tough opponents, while David Wilson appears to have the easier path to the record books. Let's see how these two amazing backs stack up to one another through the first two weeks of their respective seasons.

Week 1

Ryan Williams (2009): Game one for Ryan Williams in the 2009 season was the infamous neutral-site game against the Alabama Crimson Tide. Ryan Williams was really the only offense that Virginia Tech was able to muster against the Tide. Despite that fact, the offensive line was man-handled by Bama's defense and Williams struggled to get much going on the ground.

Stat Line: 13 carries, 71 yards, 2 touchdowns
Season Totals: 13 carries, 71 yards, 2 touchdowns

David Wilson (2011): David Wilson got the benefit of playing Appalachian State instead of a powerhouse like Ryan Williams had to. The exact opposite happened against App. State that happened against Alabama; The Hokies did the rolling. Virginia Tech was able to do whatever they wanted on the field and it reflects in Wilson's stat line.

Stat Line: 16 carries, 162 yards, 3 touchdowns
Season Totals: 16 carries, 162 yards, 3 touchdowns

Progress: David Wilson +3 carries, +91 yards and +1 touchdown

Week 2

Ryan Williams (2009): Ryan Williams finally got his chance to eat against the Thundering Herd of Marshall in week two. This game was a cakewalk for the Hokies and Ryan Williams. It should be noted though that David Wilson had more rushing yards than Ryan Williams in this game due to garbage time at the end of the game (For whatever that's worth to anybody).

Stat Line: 16 carries, 164 yards, 3 touchdowns
Season Totals: 29 carries, 235 yards, 5 touchdowns

David Wilson (2011): This was a tricky game for the Hokies on the road against East Carolina. After recently expanding their stadium to 50,000 plus seats, the Pirates gave the Hokies their best shot. Virginia Tech held on in the end while getting an impressive performance out of David Wilson, though the touchdowns belonged to Josh Oglesby.

Stat Line: 26 carries, 138 yards, 0 touchdowns
Season Totals: 42 carries, 300 yards, 3 touchdowns

Progress: David Wilson +13 carries, +65 yards, -2 touchdowns

I think you can do the math. At this pace, David Wilson will break Ryan Williams' single season rushing record. At this time in the season, David Wilson is getting to pound the rock more than Ryan Williams did. This should make sense to most people because David Wilson is responsible for carrying the offense in light of newbie quarterback Logan Thomas, who is currently undergoing some growing pains.

At this time in the season, Ryan Williams has been a more effective runner than David Wilson. Wilson is averaging 7.1 yards per carry, compared to Williams' 8.1 yards per carry. Williams also has two more touchdowns after two weeks than David Wilson does.

Time will tell whether Wilson will continue to carry the load like he has through the first two games. It also remains to be seen if the lighter schedule will push him above and beyond Williams and his rushing record.