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Virginia Tech 26, Arkansas State 7: Tell Me a Story

I wasn't able to watch the game today and won't be able to get to the DVR until Sunday afternoon. From the looks of the box score, the Red Wolves were never able to do anything on the ground so we were able to commit more personnel to stopping their passing attack. I did catch the end when the TV color commentator called the Hopki the "Bruise Brothers" so I'm guessing the D-line did a good job. On offense it looks like Wilson didn't have nearly as much room to run as he would have liked and Thomas was able to move the ball at times, but threw a pair of picks.

That sound about right? How'd Thomas look? Were his mechanics improved or did he show some of the same inconsistencies that showed up against East Carolina? Who impressed you during the game and what does Tech need to work on most before ACC play? I'll have something about the game after I watch it Sunday but for now I want to hear from you guys.