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Gobbler Country's Preliminary Week 4 BlogPoll Ballot

Oklahoma picked up an impressive road win against Florida State and moved up to No. 2 in this week's BlogPoll ballot. The ballot has a ton of turnover at the bottom of the poll and with the way college football is right now, probably will continue to for the next few weeks.

Full ballot after the jump. Final one is due on Tuesdays now, so you have all day Monday to get your comments in.



  • Oklahoma moves up for its big road win against Florida State.
  • South Carolina gets dinged for nearly losing to Navy at home. Yes, Navy's offense is tough to defend, but South Carolina didn't look very good.
  • Florida State lost to one of the best teams in the country and looked good during the game. Can't punish them much for that, even if the game was at home.
  • Nebraska jumps Oregon after a pretty convincing win over UW.
  • As for the rest of the poll. Sheesh. Here's pretty much how I see college football after three weeks: The Top 12 teams are really good, then there's a drop, then you've got Arkansas, then there's another bigger drop, then there's about 30 teams that all have legitimate claims to being ranked in the Top 25 and most of which are interchangeable.
  • To sort through that, what you need to look at is whether teams have beaten anyone that's worth a damn, if those teams they've beaten have beaten anyone that's worth a damn and if they were able to take care of business against their cupcakes. 
  • Where you run into problems is if teams haven't played anyone worthwhile except each other (TCU and Baylor) and there's no context available for their game. TCU lost to Baylor, but beat Air Force on the road. Is Air Force any good? Well, we don't know because the Falcons' only other game was a 17-point win over the mighty Coyotes of South Dakota.
  • And what about South Florida and Michigan? They both won tight games over Notre Dame, which shellacked Michigan State. We don't know if Michigan State is any good because it's only game against a team that isn't terrible was that previously mentioned shellacking.
  • Again, it's not exact, but there's some teams I like that some people might not have seen yet this year. I've got FIU in there, which went on the road and beat a BCS team in Louisville. Then this week it played UCF, which I thought would have no problem with FIU and beat them.
  • What about Clemson? Well, if they hadn't struggled against Troy and Wofford, the Tigers would probably be somewhere in the 16-18 range after beating Auburn.
  • But none of this is set in stone. In each of the first three weeks I did some juggling based on feedback. Let me know if you think teams should be moved up or down, why, and who they should replace or who should replace them.