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Virginia Tech on ESPNU All-Access Wednesday

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Set your DVRs. The Hokies will appear on ESPNU's All-Access at 7 p.m. EDT Wednesday, Sept. 21. The show will replay at 10:30. The show, which goes behind the scenes with a different program each week, spent last week in Blacksburg getting an up-close look at Virginia Tech's preparations for its game against Arkansas State.

My guess is you'll see plenty of the Hokies showing off their shiny new locker room, Kevin Harvick's appearance at the media luncheon and Bud Foster looking surly. This is good exposure for Virginia Tech. In previous episodes on Texas A&M, Maryland and Oklahoma, the show has been part in-depth look at what goes on during game week and part 30-minute infomercial for the program.

I remember the last time the Hokies were a part of something similar was 2004 when ESPN decided to spend each week looking at a different ACC team. I don't remember that program being terribly exciting, but if this is anything like what they did with Oklahoma during the preseason it'll be worth watching.