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Preliminary Week 5 BlogPoll Ballot

Clemson makes a big jump this week after knocking off Florida State. Elsewhere, there's not much movement at the top of the ballot, but a bunch of movement everywhere else since there were a lot of match-ups between Top 25 teams this week. 

Full ballot after the jump. Final one is due Tuesday morning, so get in your complaints by Monday night.


  • Alabama jumps OU after it had no problem against Arkansas and OU did not look sharp at all against Mizzou. Both have big games coming up with Bama playing Florida next week and OU playing Texas the week after.
  • Clemson's the big winner for the week after its win against FSU. The Tigers now have wins over Auburn and FSU, two pretty impressive notches on the bedpost. Couldn't justify putting Clemson below either the Hokies or Noles, so I just moved it all the way up to 13. Should it be higher?
  • Why did Florida move up five spots for beating lowly Kentucky? One, the Gators have looked pretty good so far this year. Two, losses by Texas A&M, FSU and Arkansas gave the an exaggerated jump.
  • Georgia Tech's the other team making a jump this week. Are the Jackets too high?
  • After No. 16-24 could really be put in almost any order. The teams are indistinguishable at this point.