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Rushing For History: Weeks 3 and 4

Two weeks ago we began tracking David Wilson’s progress in catching and breaking Ryan Williams’ single season rushing record.  Since then, the Hokies have moved to 4-0 on the season and David Wilson’s yards keep totaling up.


Is he still on pace to break Virginia Tech’s single season rushing record?  Find out after the jump.


Week 3

Ryan Williams (2009): Ryan Williams played in this game but not one single Hokie will remember it for his performance.  If you don't remember, this was the home game against Nebraska in which Tyrod Taylor manufactured the Miracle in Blacksburg.  After an 81 yard pass to Danny Coale (He's still open, by the way), Taylor completed an 11 yard touchdown pass to Dyrell Roberts. But like I said, Ryan Williams DID play in that game.  Here's how he did.

Stat Line: 21 carries, 107 yards, 1 touchdown

Season Totals: 50 carries, 342 yards, 6 touchdowns

David Wilson (2011): This was certainly not David Wilson's best game in a Virginia Tech uniform.  Arkansas State was a thorn in the side of the Hokies all night and it didn't help Wilsion's chase with Logan Thomas throwing the ball 33 times.  The Hokies got the win but Wilson's pace and numbers took a hit.

Stat Line: 21 carries, 88 yards, 1 touchdown

Season Totals: 63 carries, 388 yards, 4 touchdowns

Progress: David Wilson +13 carries, +46 yards, -2 touchdowns


Week 4

Ryan Williams (2009): This is the week in 2009 when the Miami hype faded just as soon as it came.  Ryan Williams was directly responsible for that.  In Blacksburg it felt like a hurricane came to town that day as rain poured on the players and fans.  Williams had one of his biggest games as a Hokie against the 9th ranked Miami Hurricanes.

Stat Line: 34 carries, 150 yards, 2 touchdowns

Season Totals: 84 carries, 492 yards, 8 touchdowns

David Wilson (2011):  This was another interesting week for David Wilson and the Hokies.  Playing on the road against Marshall, the Hokies put up 30 points but came away from the game disappointed by their execution.  The Hokies could (and probably should have) dropped 40+ points on the Thundering Herd. 

Stat Line: 26 carries, 132 yards, 1 touchdown

Season Totals: 89 carries, 520 yards, 5 touchdowns

Progress: David Wilson +5 carries, +28 yards, -3 touchdowns


There we go!  David Wilson is still on pace to break Ryan Williams' rushing record but the margin is slim.  Two weeks ago, David Wilson was up on Williams by 65 yards, that number is down almost 40 yards. It's very interesting that David Wilson is losing his lead on Williams despite playing inferior opponents.  Ryan Williams had big games against #19 Nebraska and #9 Miami.  Wilson had some running issues against Arkansas State and Marshall.

Is there a reason to be worried?  Not really. 

Logan Thomas was thrown through the ringer in the past two weeks throwing the ball more than 30 times each game.  This is a move by the coaching staff to make sure he has plenty of experience throwing the ball before ACC play begins. 

Ryan Williams also seems to have a nose for the endzone more than Wilson does at the moment.  No one is going to doubt how explosive Wilson is and how much of a playmaker he can be, but he still doesn't have the killer instinct that Ryan Williams had.  This will come with time. 

We will see against Clemson whether this trend of Logan Thomas throwing the ball more will continue.  I expect the Hokies to let the offense run through Wilson and Oglesby more this weekend in an attempt to keep that Clemson offense off the field as much as possible.  This should equate to a big game for Wilson.