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Hokies in the NFL: Preseason Week 4

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The final week of preseason is usually reserved for the players trying to make teams. Unfortunately, there were a handful of Hokies that didn't make the cut.

Xavier Adibi cut by Texans (signed by Vikings), David Clowney cut by the Panthers, Chris Ellis cut by the Steelers, Vincent fuller cut by the Titans, John Graves cut by the Texans, Pierson Prioleau cut by the Saints, Shayne Graham cut by the Cowboys, Macho Harris cut by the Steelers, Andre Smith cut by the Bears, and Steven Friday cut by the Texans. There's a good chance that some of these guys will land somewhere else or even on said team's practice squad.

James Anderson was rewarded with a new contract by James Anderson the Carolina Panthers. Darren Evans made the Colts final roster.

Follow the jump to see how Hokies (that actually played) did in the final week of preseason.

Same as before, for my own sanity, this is going to be an alphabetical list (by last name). Also, since the big uglies on the offensive line don't really get any stats, we're just going to skip them. Sorry. If you notice that I've missed anyone, please leave a comment.

* * *

Xavier Adibi-LB, Houston Texans Minnesota Vikings: Adibi had 3 solo tackles and 5 total tackles. However, Adibi was released by the Texans and signed by the Vikings.

James Anderson-LB, Carolina Panthers: No stats accumulated.

Brent Bowden-P, Jacksonville Jaguars: Bowden was cut previously.

Roc Carmichael-CB, Houston Texans: No stats accumulated.

Kam Chancellor-S, Seattle Seahawks: No stats accumulated.

David Clowney-WR, Carolina Panthers: Clowney had 2 catches for 45 yards, including a 41 yard touchdown reception. Yet, he was cut by the Panthers.

Chris Ellis-LB, Pittsburgh Steelers: No stats accumulated and Ellis was cut by the Steelers.

Darren Evans-RB, Indianapolis Colts: Evans rushed 10 times for 19 yards with 1 TD and had 2 catches out of the backfield for 28 yards.

Brandon Flowers-CB, Kansas City Chiefs: Flowers had one tackle and an interception.

Steven Friday-DE, Houston Texans: No stats accumulated.

Vincent Fuller-S, Tennessee Titans: Two solo tackles.

Steven Friday-LB, Houston Texans: No stats accumulated.

Shayne Graham-K, Dallas Cowboys: No stats accumulated. Cut by the Cowboys

John Graves-DE, Houston Texans: 1 total tackle, cut by the Texans.

Cody Grimm-S, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: No stats accumulated.

DeAngelo Hall-CB, Washington Redskins: No stats accumulated.

Justin Harper-WR, Baltimore Ravens: No stats accumulated.

Macho Harris-DB, Pittsburgh Steelers: Macho had two solo tackles and three total tackles. Was cut by the Steelers

Jeff King-TE, Arizona Cardinals: No stats accumulated.

Davon Morgan-S, New York Jets: Davon had a tackle. He was cut by the Jets.

Josh Morgan-WR, San Francisco 49ers: Two receptions for 12 yards.

Carlton Powell-DT, Atlanta Falcons: Powell had two total tackles, one solo tackle, half sack.

Pierson Prioleau-DB, New Orleans Saints: One solo tackle, was cut by the Saints.

Eddie Royal-WR, Denver Broncos: No stats accumulated.

Andre Smith-TE, Chicago Bears: Andre was thrown to once but did not get a reception.

Darryl Tapp-DE, Philadelphia Eagles: No stats accumulated.

Tyrod Taylor-QB, Baltimore Ravens: Tyrod was 2/3 for 16 yards and an INT. He ran twice for 11 yards. Tyrod left the game with a bruised shoulder but it doesn't seem to be serious at all.

Mike Vick-QB, Philadelphia Eagles: No stats accumulted.

Ryan Williams-RB, Arizona Cardinals: Injured.

Jason Worilds-LB, Pittsburgh Steelers: Worilds had 3 solo tackles, 4 total tackles and 1 sack.