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New ACC Football Divisions Could be Decided Next Week

From the one and only David Teel of the Newport News Daily Press:

First, a glance forward to next week's ACC winter meetings in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

In between poolside margaritas - on the rocks, with salt, barkeep! - league and school officials could well finalize football divisions for the 14-team alignment created by the addition of Syracuse and Pittsburgh.

As Teel states, and has been said all long by ACC big wigs, Cuse and Pitt are just going to be plugged into the current six-team divisions. Teel does a good job of going over the pros and cons of having either in the Coastal and while he said Pitt, which is closer in proximity to Virginia Tech and UVa, should be the preferred Coastal team, I'd rather see Cuse.

Yes, Syracuse is a longer road trip than Pitt, but it's one we were used to making for over a decade as a member of the Big East. Plus, it would likely mean the Hokies' new permanent Atlantic game would be switched from Boston College to Pitt.

Currently, the Hokies are the only team in the ACC that has to play at Boston College and at Miami (the league's North and South Pole) in the same season consistently, which they do every even-numbered year. The difference between Syracuse and Boston is about 140 miles one way.

What's your preference for which team gets placed in the Coastal?