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Looking at Ticket Prices for the 2012 Virginia Tech-Cincinnati Game

Virginia Tech fans can expect to pay more than they're used to for this year's game against Cincinnati, but not any more than most college games played at the Redskins' home stadium.

The Hokies will play their third neutral site game at FedEx Field in suburban Washington, DC, on Sept. 29 in what is technically a home game for the Bearcats. Cincy sold its home game and moved it to FedEx.

This will be the fifth FBS game played at FedEx Field in three seasons, the others being Army-Navy and Maryland-Notre Dame in 2011 and Penn State-Indiana and Virginia Tech-Boise State in 2010. The ticket prices for these games are after the jump.

Club $109-149 $120-140 $120 $150 $110-130
Lower $80-149 $85 $95 $95 $85
Upper $65 $72-80 $50-60 $60 $50-60
Att ? 80,789 70,251 78,790 86,587

Price gouging, but consistent price gouging.

The prices for Tech's game against Cincy basically match up with what was charged for recent FedEx games, based on information I was able to find from the participating schools. The main difference is the lower-level seats, which unlike previous games won't all be priced the same.

For the Tech-Cincy game, corner and end zone seats will be $80 and sideline seats will be $90, $110 or $149 depending on how close you are to the 50-yard line. The majority of seats be at the $80 price point. Only four sections (101, 121, 122 and 142) will be sold at $149.

What's also interesting is that only the lower half of the sideline upper bowl sections are going to be made available, at least at first. The rest of the upper deck probably won't be made available until all the more-expensive club and lower level tickets are sold, if at all.

So yes, those wanting to see the Hokies in DC are going to pay more than they would if they went to a game in Lane, but the prices are in line with other college football games played at FedEx Field. Remember, the Virginia Tech ticket office isn't setting the prices for this game and it isn't even our home game to begin with.