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2012 Virginia Tech Football: What To Watch Vs. Duke

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Virginia Tech Hokies (3-3, 1-1) vs. Duke Blue Devils (5-1, 2-0)

Virginia Tech Offense vs. Duke Defense

  • As I said in the Game Guide:
  • Defensively the Blue Devils run a 4-2-5 scheme.
  • Duke ranks No. 50 nationally in total defense, giving up 372 yards per game. They are also No. 58 in the nation in scoring defense, giving up 25.17 points per game.
  • The Blue Devils rank No. 45 nationally in rushing defense, giving up just under 130 yards per game, and No. 76 in passing defense, giving up 242 yards per game.
  • The Hokies are ranked No. 86 nationally in total offense, climbing one spot after the North Carolina game with an average of 377 yards per game.
  • Tech fell 14 spots in rushing offense to get to No. 91 nationally after their dreadful performance at UNC with just over 133 yards per game.
  • The Hokies also rose 19 spots in passing offense, now ranking tied for No. 52 with just under 246 yards per game.
  • Tech also rose four spots in time of possession, and is now No. 96 nationally. WE CRACKED THE TOP 100!

Virginia Tech Defense vs. Duke Offense

As I said in the Game Guide:

  • I'll let RAJohnston of Blogger So Dear explain the Duke offense:
  • "Overall, Duke has a very similar offensive gameplan to Wake Forest. They run a shotgun/pistol formation with play action fakes on nearly every single play."
  • Duke ranks No. 54 nationally in total offense with over 414 yards per game.
  • The Blue Devils rank No. 30 in passing offense with nearly 289 yards per game.
  • Duke ranks No. 95 nationally in rushing offense, with a paltry 126 yards per game. Unfortunately, that's just four spots below the Hokies.
  • No matter the quarterback the Hokies see on Saturday, both Renfree and Boone both have completed a good percentage of their passes, have positive touchdown-to-interception ratios.
  • Duke spreads the ball around to three receivers primarily,Conner Vernon, Jamison Crowder and converted running back Desmond Scott.

  • Bud Foster's defense is now ranked No. 64 in the nation, falling 11 spots and allowing 390 yards per game to their opponents.
  • After Giovani Bernard's career day, Tech is now No. 98 nationally in rushing defense (23 spots lower than a week ago), giving up 197 yards per game on the ground.
  • The Hokies rose two spots from a week ago and now rank No. 27 nationally against the pass, giving up 193 passing yards a game. Oh how statistics lie...
  • The Hokies rank No. 96 nationally in sacks per game, with a paltry 1.33. This is not the defensive line we thought it was.

Watch the Box Score

  • Virginia Tech rushing yards
  • Virginia Tech total yards allowed
  • Duke turnovers
  • Duke sacks allowed

Virginia Tech Players to Watch

Duke Players to Watch

    Final Score

    Virginia Tech 34, Duke 21