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Q & A With BC Interruption

This week our Q & A series takes place with A.J. Black of SB Nation's Boston College Eagles' blog, BC Interruption. It's one of the best sites in the SB Nation network, so make sure to check it out. In this Q & A session, we discuss the temperature of Frank Spaziani's butt, BC tailgating and Notre Dame's entry (well sort of) into the conference. A.J. also made his prediction for this week's game. Also, if you want a peek at my answers to his questions, I've linked them here. So if you want the outlook from an Eagles' perspective (that came out pretty cool, despite me not having to try very hard), look no further.


During the Q & A I refer to myself as GC (GobblerCountry) and A.J. as BCI (BC Interruption). For my answers to his questions can be found here. Enjoy, and GO HOKIES!

GC: Obviously the Eagles' head coach Frank Spaziani is probably on the way out at the end of the year. What are some of the most egregious things he has done?

BCI: How much time do you have? Mismanaged scholarships, recruited like crap, coached like crap, coached to "not lose", thrown players under the bus, thrown ACC caliber players off the team, threw Montel Harris off the team, god this could go on for ever. Spaziani is completely over his head as a head coach, and deserved to be fired at the end of last season, BC fans are counting down until the inevitable press conference.

GC: Chase Rettig has put together a good year given what he has around him. How would you rate his development from his freshman season to now? What about compared to his expectations of the BC fan base prior to the season?

BCI: Rettig has really turned around his career after two lackluster seasons at the Heights. This year we have seen a much more confident quarterback, who when given time, can make excellent passes. I think there are three things that have helped him tremendously this year. One, new offensive coordinator Doug Martin has installed a new fast paced system that is pass heavy. This allows four-five receiver sets that spreads the field for Rettig. However Spaz has clearly been tinkering with this as it has allowed down drastically over the season. Secondly, Alex Amidon is a fantastic receiver who makes big plays. Rettig didn't really have that in years past. Finally, Rettig seems more confident, is less likely to make bad throws and commands the field instead of letting the defenses come at him

GC: Coming into this year, one of the Eagles perceived strengths was at the running back position, especially from a depth standpoint. But that position has been lackluster. Why have they failed so miserably (at least from what I can tell) this season?

BCI: Back to Spaziani again. He threw Montel Harris off the team for reasons we will never know. He benched Rolandan Finch for reasons we will never know, and decided to start a converted strong safety (David Dudeck) at the position for the past three games. It's a nightmare. Dudeck has no business being an every day running back, but Spaz has backed the team into a corner by refusing to start Finch. Couple that with an absolutely terrible offensive line and you have a team that can not run the ball at all.

GC: In something unrelated to this game, Boston College has probably the most storied rivalry with Notre Dame of any of the ACC schools. What do you make of that addition to the conference? Are you for it?

BCI: I have mixed emotions about Notre Dame moving to the ACC. On the one hand, I love having the Fighting Irish on board for all other sports. Basketball games will be a lot of fun and your school profile is perfect for the ACC. On the other hand, I wish ND joined fully for football. BC fans love the ND rivalry--I realize ND fans feel differently, but having the other ACC schools get more of a crack of getting on your schedule is rough.

GC: What is the general feeling towards Virginia Tech within the Boston College fan base?

BCI: BC fans really enjoy playing Virginia Tech. Again with the downward spiral of our program, no one is jazzed about playing the Hokies anymore. But of course Eagles fans pine for the days of Jeff Jagodzinski and Matt Ryan, and hope that the rivalry will reignite again soon.

GC: What are some things Tech fans making the trip up north should be doing to enjoy their time win or lose? Great places to drink? Tailgates? Traditions? Hit them with it.

BCI: BC's tailgating is about as bad as the teams play. Luckily new AD Brad Bates claims that he is going to look into fixing it. Tailgating is only allowed three hours before game time, and people aren't allowed to just show up, you have to donate an absurd amount of money to the Flynn Fund. If you know any good BC tailgaters give htem a call and try to catch the Eagle Walk, which happens about two hours before kickoff. If you want to find some good local spots, try Cityside in Cleveland Circle, which is where most opposing fan bases party before the game. Decent selection of beer and good pub food. It's about a fifteen minute walk to campus from there, so make sure to leave the time to walk to campus.

GC: Who are some players the Virginia Tech players and fans shouldn't overlook? Maybe some under the radar guys?

BCI: Alex Amidon is probably the only player that you need to be wary of that you may not know. He leads the ACC in receiving, and is dangerously fast. Other players you may want to watch out for is Spencer Rositano who will be starting safety, he has forced a turnover in the past three games. Other than that, the players try hard, but you aren't going to see anyone that blows the roof off of this game.

GC: Is there anyone for the Hokies that makes you fearful in this one?

BCI: Yes, all of them. Even though Logan Thomas is having a lackluster year, I still expect him to barrel over BC's porous defense. His legs will extend plays, and give BC's secondary fits. Also BC's offensive line woes scare me, and I expect the Hokies line (especially James Gayle and Luther Vaddy) to reign hell on Chase Rettig.

GC: Okay, time to make your pick. Who do you have, by how much and why?

BCI: Sorry to sound so depressing and deflated, but I have no faith in BC winning this game. Spaziani has managed one FBS win this season, and as bad as VT has played, I can't imagine he beats the Hokies this week. I'll take VT winning 24-10.

Thanks again to A.J. for joining us for the Q & A. For all the news and coverage from a Boston College perspective this weekend, make sure to check out BC Interruption. My answers to their questions can be found here. For all the Hokie stuff, don't move a muscle. YOU'RE ON IT here at Gobbler Country.