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Hokies' Season On the Brink

Virginia Tech sits at 4-6 right now, needing two more wins to gain bowl eligibility, but is that all that really matters at this point? What is Virginia Tech to do? Head Coach Frank Beamer said after the loss to University of Miami that the team is simply playing for pride. I am wondering what truly matters now.

Coach Beamer probably never saw the season turning out like this.
Coach Beamer probably never saw the season turning out like this.
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

When the schedule first came out, I gave a best and worse case scenario based on just looking at who's playing Virginia Tech, and I thought that a 9-3 was the absolute best. What was my worse case scenario? A 6-6 finish.


No sooner than I posted that comment at Aaron McFarling's blog, I was questioned by another poster wondering why I gave the worse case scenario.


Never in my wildest dream did I think I would have nailed it. I didn't even think that a 6-6 season was going to happen before the Labor Day's match-up. I was actually dreaming of seeing the Hokies hoisting the national championship trophy over their collective heads. I saw them running the table in their schedule. All of this was because I saw a strong summer camp from the offense. I thought that the offense would finally exorcise the demons of past seasons - slow starts before finishing strong.

Then this season started. What a kick in the pants it provided. Now, Coach Beamer said that the team is simply playing for pride. Ty Hodges of Fighting Gobbler wrote an excellent article on this subject. It is well worth the time to read through it.

I am now wondering, with the Hokies slated to play Boston College, is it pride that is all that's left for the Hokies? Is it just to win out just for the sake of keeping the bowl streak alive? Does beating a lame Virginia team makes the season somehow...all right?

I honestly cannot answer that.

All I can offer is this: it is time for the Hokies to forget about playing for bowl appearance. It is time for Hokies to put aside the nonsense of beating Boston College and Virginia just to finish strong.

It is time for the Hokies to play by God Virginia Tech football. Line up across from their opponents. Look at them in the eyes, and let them know that the Hokies are not going down without a fight.

For all the criticism that Hokies Nation has offered, I am included, we need to shut up, and show our Hokies football team we are still behind them. We can worry about coaching changes after playing Virginia. We can speculate about who is going to go or not after December.

In the meantime, let us rally behind our Hokies and tell them to play on, play by God Virginia Tech Football.

Unleash the frustration. Unleash the pent up anger.

Let's go, Hokies!