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More Than Just Bragging Rights On the Line Saturday

Virginia Tech has owned Virginia as of late, marking an 8-0 run on them since 2004, and the coveted Commonwealth Cup has been in their grasp since. This season has been marked with disappointment, but nothing will be sweeter for the team, and fans, than for Virginia Tech to kick Virginia's ass on Saturday.

Geoff Burke

This Saturday in Lane Stadium, before 70,000 roaring fans jumping to Metallica's Enter Sandman at noon, there will be a clash of epic proportions as Virginia visits Virginia Tech for the 94th time in the long standing interstate rivalry.

There will be more than just bragging rights at stake. The Commonwealth Cup will be on the line, which has been in Virginia Tech's grasp for over 3,000 days, and it represents Virginia Tech's dominance over Virginia. There's also the stake of keeping the bowl appearance streak alive.

Virginia Tech would love to go bowling. Virginia would love to end the streak.

Virginia's fans, the Wahoos, would love to talk smack for a year over ending the bowl streak. Virginia Tech's fans will love to keep talking smack and down to the Wahoos for one more year.

It's a rivalry that, unfortunately, have grown somewhat stale over the last few years. That still hasn't stopped websites, such as The Key Play, from posting hate messages in fun way. That's not to say that as a fan, there's nothing more satisfying than to shut up the Wahoos after listening to their insufferable messages on forums, boards, blogs how overrated that Virginia Tech is.

We don't need to be told by a group of snobs who calls themselves the Mr. Jefferson University, which I will get to in a moment, and we have been called "Chokies."

Funny, Virginia Tech is 8-0 in the series since 2004, with the last final score of 38-0 in Charlottesville, sending hundreds of fans streaming from Scott Stadium in tears because, hey, Virginia Tech was the better team. It was highlighted by a sweet trucking job by Logan Thomas, as a quarterback who is built like tight end, putting the hurt on a poor, hapless Virginia's defensive back.

For you, Wahoos, to call yourself Mr. Jefferson University is LAUGHABLE. There is already a Thomas Jefferson University, in Philadelphia. That is just so silly. You guys are just the University of Virginia. Nothing more, nothing less, and to call yourself Mr. Jefferson University is just so silly, it's embarrassing to Jefferson's memorial, legacy, and I'm sure he is spinning in his grave over it.

Anyway, in order for Virginia Tech to win on Saturday, their formula for success is to repeat the performance during the Florida State game, but to kick it up a notch or ten. Dominate the trench. Pass the football around with fluidity. Run the ball with such authority that Mr. Jefferson would rise from the grave to pen a poem. Finally, the special teams need to be on the very, very, very top of their game.

The game is theirs to lose. I predict a Virginia Tech win.

Let's go, Hokies! Beat UVA!